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From our Executive Head


Mr William Silk

- Executive Head -

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Wembley College website - a leading and successful Cambridge school in South Africa. We are an independent co-educational day- and boarding school situated in Greytown in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. We are blessed with a stunning setting in the country.

There are 300 scholars at Wembley College and the key to our success, and continued support is our focus on quality education. Wembley College pupils benefit immensely from smaller class sizes and positive relationships with the staff they know and trust. Children enjoy being at school. It is a happy, supportive and vibrant environment, full of challenges, opportunities and great spirit.

Our school caters to children from Grade RRRR to Grade 12 and prides itself on being a niche school where scholars achieve excellence. Our aim above all is to educate, nurture and inspire scholars to be individuals who learn, create, grow and flourish in a family environment.

We passionately believe that the quality of education is seen less in the questions children answer than in the questions they ask. Boys and girls who join Wembley College will leave us as well-rounded young men and women, having fulfilled their true potential and gained a place at a university of their choice. In addition, they will have been prepared for life beyond school and contribute positively to society.

Whilst thanking you for visiting the Wembley College website, I urge you to come and visit to experience the genuine warmth of our school community. We believe this is a school where your child will truly flourish. Wembley College is an exceptional school full of attractive opportunities for every child. It is a great privilege to live and work within such a wonderful community.  
We look forward to meeting you soon.

Our Old Scholars Say...

Wembley College creates Agricultural Leaders through Cambridge system


In 2013, we lost an icon in the South African story, Nelson Mandela. But during this year the Wembley class of 2013 stood up to be counted as pathfinders. Sven Rohrs who matriculated in this year lead the charge in choosing a career in farming.  Wembley College has provided quality education in the Greytown area for 25 years and, our old scholars continue to excel in many work environments and occupations. 


Sven started his career in farming on his small family farm in Winterton. He remarks, “I  probably drove a tractor for the first time when I was 6!” Sven then travelled to America where he worked in a farming, harvesting and contracting business. With the money he earned in the USA, he managed to purchase his own harvester and return to South Africa to start his own harvesting business and investing capital into the his family owned business in Winterton. 


Sven is from a farming family and he attributes joining Wembley College in his High School years to his father’s interaction with Pannar Seed. ‘Traveling to collect seeds in Greytown, my parents became familiar with Wembley College.  We were attracted to the offer of quality education in a small farming town, and to the Cambridge Assessment system.  My sister and I enjoyed the academic challenge that Wembley provided and we excelled.  Although, at times, I may have irritated the teachers with my constant gazing at the farms and farming work happening around the school,” Sven admits. Sven gets some of his entrepreneurial drive from his father Leon Rohrs, but he also gives credit to Wembley College, highlighting the small classes and homely atmosphere as being key components that contributed significantly to his drive and preparedness for life's obstacles.


Sven’s advice to the our present scholars is, “Firstly, you don’t have to be a doctor to be important and secondly whatever seemingly major crisis occurs in high school, with marks, or school events, remember that by the time you are 25, you won’t be able to remember much of it. Life has so much more in store for you! So enjoy the moment, soak up the attention of teachers and the school who care so much about your success, because after school, you must be able to survive on your own”. 

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