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Inspiring Possibilities


"Of recent, we have been holding parents' evenings to discuss the establishment of a private school in Greytown. We have just held the last meeting and have 235 kids enlisted for 1998. So we now have the responsibility of holding a meeting with some 400 interested parents to get the final commitment and decide to get the go-ahead or drop the whole idea. It is rather awesome to face up to the responsibility of all this. I just hope that I can do what everyone is expecting of me, but I suppose someone has to do what is necessary."

Brian Corbishley, our founder, reflects on starting a private school in Greytown. (letter dated 28 May 1997)

 The vision for Wembley College started many years ago when Brian Corbishley decided to start a Cambridge School in Greytown. He and his wife Dot Corbishley chose to build the school on a Pidelta farm called Wembley just outside Greytown, 70 kilometres from Pietermaritzburg. The campus is set on a sizeable property overlooking a picturesque farming valley and a bottom-pristine dam. It began as a few buildings and a sports field. Wembley comprises over twenty classrooms, including a pre-primary school, senior primary, and high school. In addition, there are numerous sports fields, a hockey Astro, seven tennis courts and a twenty-five-meter swimming pool. 
Wembley College was born out of the need for an independent school that could cater to people living and working within the immediate area, but currently also draws students from a lot further away. The school officially opened Northfield's Manor boarding establishment in 2004, and this year, in 2020, an exciting new development - The Senior Primary Boarding establishment. Our highly-esteemed boarding establishment provides a haven and positive learning environment for our Senior and Primary scholars.
Brian David Corbishley was an entrepreneur, businessman, educational visionary, creator of employment opportunities for tens of thousands worldwide, mentor, friend, and family man who passed away on 7 January 2017.  He was passionate about the school, which has grown and flourished.

Thanks to Brian and Dot Corbishley, Wembley College is now a thriving Cambridge International co-educational school for more than 300 children aged 2 to 18. Brian has undoubtedly left behind a great legacy.


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